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Water heating can represent a significant portion of a typical households annual energy demands. By installing a Trigen Solar water heater (SWH), you can save up to 85% of your water heating energy consumption, depending on the model and location, and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to four tonnes every year. Moreover, it will greatly decrease your energy bills, using energy from the sun to heat water at nearly no cost. With rising electricity costs, this is the best choice for any Australian home.

Trigen solar hot water systems use the newest technology in their evacuated-tube solar collectors to absorb energy from the sun. Water is pumped between the collectors and the tank. It then flows into an insulated storage tank for later use.

The storage tank is fitted with an electric or gas booster that heats the water when sunlight is insufficient. Trigen systems also have frost protection mechanism to prevent damage in frost prone areas. Trigen solar hot water systems are suitable for any new building to replace any existing system.

It is undeniable that Australia has an abundance of solar energy compared to other developed countries.

We have an in-house simulator, that can simulate and specify the system. Applicable for any medium to large scale project.

Customer Feedback:

We are satisfied with Trigen solar. It saves around 75-80% of our hot water bill each quarter.It has been working perfectly since installation. We are very pleased with the service and would definitely recommend Trigen Solar Hot Water System to others.

Mark Harris, Fairfield, NSW

I love the smart controller. It's convenient to be able to see temperature of the tank when the heater is triggering on, or any pump activates. It makes me feel comfortable. One of my friends bought a Flat Plate Collector and it cracked in the frosty weather, but the Trigen System worked very well in the frosty days even in -2 degree temperatures. I am happy that I chose Trigen.

Richard Johnson, Canberra, NSW

I had some installations queries that I wanted to clarify. Trigenresponded really quick, visited the site on time and described how to use it. I am really impressed by the professionalism offered by the company.

Vikram Singh, Wollongong, NSW

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Trigen products are Australian standard certified and Drinkable water certified